Geek Breakfast Oakland

This is Oakland's version of the nationally-famous "Geek Breakfast" clubs.

The idea is to bring together Oaklanders, or those who work in Oakland, and are involved in social media, digital media, blogging, content development and marketing, programming, web-design and development, app-development, or emerging tech.

We also invite artists who want to connect with digital media types. In all, the idea is to bring together Oakland's creative community for casual fun conversation and idea exchanges.

The Three Rules of Geek Breakfast (almost as easy as Fight Club)

1. Everyone is invited, attendance is free (excluding food, beverage and gratuity).

2. Pictures, audio and video should be licensed under Creative Commons and tagged using “yourcitynamegeekbreakfast” and “geekbreakfast”. Please add them to the Geek Breakfast Flickr Group.

3. Geek Breakfasts shall never be sponsored. If a company approaches you about sponsorship opportunities recommend they sponsor local unconferences instead, like a barcamp or podcamp. It’s important to note that if the breakfast gets sponsored you’ll wind up with many people turning up for a free meal, rather than being there to contribute to the conversation.

The Oakland Geek Breakfasts will be held the last Saturday of each month from 10:30 AM to 12 noon at the Lakeshore Cafe, 3257 Lakeshore, in Oakland , and on Lakeshore between Lake Park and Mandana, across from the Trader Joe's / Walgreen's complex.

Official Social Media Tag: #oakgeekbrkfst

Upcoming Events

There are no upcoming events scheduled for Geek Breakfast Oakland